Is Online Speech Therapy a Good Option for Us?

How to decide if your family may benefit from online speech therapy services.


You may be wondering if online speech therapy is a good way to help your child speak clearly. It feels like 2020 gave us all a crash course in living life with many more virtual and online meetings and services than we were used to. While the overall context of having to switch almost overnight to online everything was definitely stressful, there were some aspects of remote services that may have been surprisingly convenient. Whether you signed up for a grocery delivery service for the first time, or tried your first telehealth appointment, you may be asking—but can online speech therapy services actually help my child’s communication improve as a long-term speech option?


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What is stuttering?

Stuttering/Disfluency Disorders Does my child have a stuttering disorder? Fluency refers to a speaker’s ability to demonstrate smooth, connected speech with natural intonation and pausing.  Fluency disorders, or stuttering, occur…

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