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What we do

A speech disorder or communication disorder can impact a child and can last into adulthood. Many signs of a speech or language problem start in infancy. As children grow older, speech problems and language problems can start to impact social skills or learning reading and writing. In some cases, underlying issues such as a neurological disorder, an autism diagnosis, or other medical problem may cause the communication difficulty. Whether a child is struggling with pronunciation, has difficulty with specific sounds, or has an expressive language disorder, every child deserves access to speech-language therapy tools. Is your child struggling because others don’t understand them? Or do you find yourself wondering if they’re getting enough therapy to help their speech?

We’re an innovative speech therapy company that uses a combination of direct teletherapy appointments alongside our video game delivered, customized, home programs that help keep kids engaged during practice.

Data driven speech therapy for patients of all ages

Speech and language delays have many possible causes, including autism, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and other developmental difficulties. A speech-language pathologist (SLP or CCC-SLP) may develop different speech therapy service treatment plans to help children improve their communication skills. While phrases like “speech-language pathologist” and “fluency disorder” sound intimidating, our speech therapist team knows how to address communication disorders in children of all ages.

Our SLPs utilize data-driven language therapy to address unique needs and help build language skills. When a developmental delay has so many potential causes, it’s important to find a specialist who can help determine the best communication disorder treatment for each child. Our speech and language pathologists understand that a child’s speech treatment is individualized.

Smart speech technology makes therapy easier

We get it—speech therapy and a good SLP can be hard to find. Schools are packed with kids who need speech services, and private practice SLP therapy is expensive. How do you juggle fitting therapy into your family’s busy schedule and budget?

We’ve built video games that engage kids during speech sessions and home practice in between. And, the more they practice pronunciation, syllables, and words, the sooner they master their goals. Whether your child is using our games to work on their developmental speech disorder or has a medical condition that makes certain speech patterns or syllables difficult, our video games can help children get the necessary practice. See why.

By combining our proprietary software with appointments with our stellar team of speech-language pathologists (SLPs), Verboso helps you customize your child’s therapy program to fit your family’s needs.

Engaging games motivate students

We’ve created fun video games with interesting characters, animations, images, and background scenes to help maintain a child’s focus. With our speech therapy games, it’s easier to address communication problems caused by a wide range of diagnoses such as speech delays, apraxia of speech, cleft palate speech impairment, or other communication problems.

Students can select a character for play to help with motivation. To help promote accuracy, they will receive positive reinforcement animations for every correct production or pronunciation.

Our therapists and speech pathologists customize speech recognition software tailored to your child so that the video games help them practice sounds the best way for their unique needs. This can help with common speech issues and improve speech pronunciation and clarity. Whether you need early intervention for a toddler entering preschool or you’re helping your child who has cleft palate make progress after surgery, our unique combination of teletherapy services and games may be able to help. We treat every child with compassion and work to improve their quality of life.

If you or a family member has a child that struggles with speech production, contact Verboso to discuss their specific needs. We can help pair you with the best treatment, therapy services, and speech-language pathology support personnel that can provide early intervention or help you take the first step toward addressing speech-sound disorders at a young age. Speech therapy for kids might seem intimidating, but Verboso is here to help children and people of all ages connect with the right speech and articulation therapy games and tools.

Why choose Verboso?

Whether you came here from a pediatrician referral or you’re searching for help with your child’s communication challenges and are interested in trying online speech therapy services, it’s important to choose a brand you can trust. We work with industry-leading occupational therapists, audiologists, clinicians, and speech-language pathology professionals. If your child is struggling to be understood or express their needs and ideas at home or at school, our team of speech-language pathologists can help. Plus, the Verboso platform excels in the following areas:


We use cutting-edge speech recognition software to help boost outcomes for your family

Each therapy session and video game is designed to facilitate speech clarity depending on your child’s needs. We uphold American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) values, whether we’re working with a child with dyslexia, apraxia, dysphagia, a brain injury, or another common language pathology disorder.


Our proprietary software allows us to offer innovative, cost-effective therapy solutions.​

Families navigating pediatric speech-language pathology and communication challenges need affordable, intuitive solutions to help combat auditory processing disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, and even language development caused by neurological diseases.


Engaging video games take the place of boring paper homework​

We treat children like children. Most kids value their playtime, even if it tests their language skills or includes challenging speech exercises. Our video games make speech-language pathology homework more engaging and fun for your children.


Teletherapy sessions are convenient and effective.​

You can access your speech and language intervention activities on your own time and schedule speech-language therapy sessions that fit your schedule. Our flexible speech-language pathology solutions make it easier than ever to get the treatment you need.

What our clients are saying

“We love our therapist! She is very good at efficiently figuring out what my son is needing to work on. He enjoys the Bo & Aro game since he actually gets to shoot the arrows after he says the word.”
-NM, parent of client
“I used to get homework assignments in speech therapy as a kid and I never really did them. I like playing the Verboso games, so it makes doing speech practice feel less boring and helps me actually practice.”
-DB, 19 year old client

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SBIR Phase I Grant

2nd place in Life Science and Medical Innovations track

AI for Accessibility Grant