An innovative approach to online speech therapy.

What we do

Is your child struggling because others don’t understand them? Or do you find yourself wondering if they’re getting enough therapy to help their speech?

We’re an innovative speech therapy company that uses a combination of direct teletherapy appointments alongside our video game delivered, customized, home programs that help keep kids engaged during practice.

Data driven speech therapy for patients of all ages

Engaging games motivate students

We’ve created fun video games with interesting characters, animations, images and background scenes to help maintain a child’s focus.​​

Students can select a character for play to help with motivation, and to help promote accuracy, will receive positive reinforcement animations for every correct production.​

Our therapists customize speech recognition software tailored to your child so that the video games help them practice sounds the best way for their unique needs.

Why choose Verboso?


We use cutting-edge speech recognition software to help boost outcomes for your family


Our proprietary software allows us to offer innovative, cost effective therapy solutions


Engaging video games take place of boring paper homework


Teletherapy sessions are convenient and effective