Speech Therapy Games

Speech Therapy Games

Speech progress comes with lots of repetition, which can be… boring.

Our speech therapy games are designed so kids get in maximum numbers of repetitions (for faster articulation progress) without realizing they’re doing homework.

What sets our games apart:

  • Co-designed by video game developers for maximum gaming fun and SLPs for therapy progress
  • Automatic data tracking across all games
  • Different feedback settings allow for autograding, self-monitoring, or therapist directed feedback
  • Practice items sync from our bank of thousands of stimuli. Easily select or deselect practice items at the point of play.

With your subscription you will have all of these games! Check out our pricing for more info.

Explore our games

Bo & Aro

Defend your castle from waves of monsters, earn powerups, and upgrade your gear.

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Marine Team

Join the Marine Team, explore exotic lands, and catch all the fish!

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Flashcard Flip

Want to get straight to therapy without the games? Flashcard Flip is just what you’re looking for! Add your exercises and start getting those valuable repetitions in to improve your speech.

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