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Articulation Solutions

Feeling the burn and not in a good way? Imagine if you could:

  • Easily engage kids in articulation drill work

  • Have an effortless system to automatically customize word lists to practice playing speech games in sessions (and at home!)

  • Know for certain whether they did their homework or not

Try our technology to minimize your workload woes!

Let speech-language pathologists practice at the top of the license by automating tasks for speech sound disorder treatment.

Articulation Solutions

How it works:


a client profile in your online account


a quick list in seconds, or create a custom list from our database of over 4,000 words, syllables, flashcards, phrases and sentences


the list you want to practice in session, or want parents to practice at home*

  • Use in group or individual sessions

  • Kids can pick from any of our 4 games and the lists you've assigned automatically flow into the game

  • Therapist accounts include unlimited student profiles with parent accounts tied each one

  • Monitor home practice compliance in your therapist portal

*requires Home Practice Account subscription for home game play


  • The ASHA National Outcome Measures recently reported greater articulation improvement for kids with speech sound disorders who completed all or part of a home practice program.

  • While it's hard to know exactly how much speech therapy each child will need when trying to create permanent speech change, existing research points to anywhere from 2,000 to 40,000 reps per target!

  • We've seen kids do over 3,000 reps of target sounds outside of their speech sessions in as little as 8 months. Why? Because our speech games are fun, created by a team including both speech-language pathologists and a video game designer.

  • Studies have shown that kids make more progress when they're actively engaged in speech therapy sessions.

  • Decades of motor learning research have taught us how important repetition is for generalization and carry-over of articulation improvement. 

How much time are you spending in therapy sessions getting all of those articulation reps done?

Imagine if kids on your caseload could get that much extra speech practice. Elevate your articulation treatment today by trying out Verboso!​